Photo by Patrick T’Kindt on Unsplash

With the new year coming up, you might find yourself itching to learn a new skill. But why not take it a step further and learn something new about yourself? Astrology is helpful for not only understanding your position in the universe but also achieving your goals.  

Surprising as it may seem, astrology is more than magazine horoscopes and sun signs. It is a science, and if used correctly, it can have an incredible impact on your life. The first crucial step to unlocking its power lies in understanding astrological science.

“There are very few things that can change your life in an hour. Astrology is the quickest route to inner peace,” says Leslie McGuirk, an internationally acclaimed astrologist.

When Leslie was 19 years old, her mom introduced her to an astrologer friend, and Leslie received her first reading. The astrologist told Leslie that she was extremely creative, with a talent for art and writing. Leslie had never taken any art classes but decided to follow the astrologer’s advice. The idea of studying astrology scared Leslie at first; she wasn’t a fortune teller, and people did not value astrology. But, eventually, Leslie started to do readings and share her knowledge. 

She has been self-employed as a writer and artist since the age of 25, and firmly believes that 

astrology is a language that explains what it means to be human and what it means to be in this world. 

“It is about accepting the way you are designed,” Leslie says.

These many years later, because of astrology, Leslie has found peace, success, and meaning in her life.

“You don’t get mad at a giraffe for having a long neck, it’s the way it was made. But we get mad at people for not being like us,” Leslie says. At its core, astrology can help us be more understanding and compassionate. 

Now, Leslie is an astrologist full time. She assists doctors, runs webinars, and does it all with the same kindness and compassion she experienced with that astrologist all those years ago.

For anyone wanting to understand astrology but not knowing where to start, Leslie encourages people to learn how to read their own charts, which is what she’s doing with Girls Nite Live, and read her book, The Power of Mercury! She truly believes in the power of astrology and how it can change and bring meaning to all of our lives.

“If we do what we’re designed for, our lives are easier.”

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