Can you believe it’s already Halloween? Some of us may have had our costumes planned out for months, others are happy enough to have a pumpkin spice latte and watch the leaves change. This year may just be our spookiest Halloween yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in style. Here are our Amazon picks for a frightfully good holiday, no matter how you’re celebrating:

Treat yourself to some classic spooks this year by going back to the master, Stephen King. No one does terror quite like him. 

Halloween masks look a little different this year. Instead of a face covering that turns you into Michael Myers or Frankenstein, these masks keep you safe and festive.

If you’re buying this for the neighborhood kids, that’s great. If you’re buying this for yourself, that’s ok too. We all know Halloween candy tastes the best when it’s all for you. 

Look, pumpkin carving is an art. And some of us need all the tools they can get. That’s why this pack is perfect for decorating, it has everything you need, including the candle.

These pillows are perfectly gothic for Halloween, but can honestly be used all year round. 

Everyone has a favorite Halloween movie. And if you’re a horror fan, then you probably have a favorite scary movie too. But we can all agree that Hocus Pocus is an excellent film. This sweatshirt is cute, trendy, and perfect for a movie night on the couch. 

And because we all need a laugh, here’s a Corona cape. Corona beer, that is. 

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