Is holiday shopping getting harder, or is it just us? Each year it seems like we need to put on our creative gift-giving thinking caps a little bit more. That’s why Girls Nite In Online is offering a number of amazing, experiential gifts, brought to you by our fabulous presenters. You can find out more information here

In case you need a few additional gift ideas for your loved ones as well, we have created the ultimate gift-giving guide. You’ll be sure to find something for everyone on your list. 

For the bookworm:

Books might seem like the obvious gift for the bookworm. But chances are, they’ve read whatever novel you’re about to give them. Er on the side of caution with this literary-inspired candle. Each candle in this line is named for a different author, and the scent is inspired by their works. A small biography and author photo is included on the packaging, and now your favorite word nerd can curl up with a good book and a good candle.

For the aspiring photographer:

Sure, our phones take amazing pictures. But there’s something special about having physical copies of our favorite memories. This Canon Ivy CLIQ camera is slim enough to carry around, and instantly prints your photos on stickable paper. The camera uses zink photo paper that uses zero ink and can withstand the elements. Bonus! The camera comes in three cheery colors, making it the perfect gift for your personal paparazzi.

For the music enthusiast:

Who doesn’t love a shower sing-a-long? This waterproof Bluetooth speaker helps the music lover in your lift upgrade their daily shower with their favorite tunes- without the risk of dropping their phone in the water. The batteries in this rechargeable speaker can last up to 10 hours, guaranteeing that this speaker will never shut off in the middle of an at-home concert.

For the hairstylist:

This Revlon brush is key to creating soft, voluminous waves. Gone are the days of trying to juggle a round brush, hairdryer, and a can of hairspray. The hair aficionado in your life will love the different heat and speed settings, and will definitely be thanking you for their new favorite styling tool.

For the student:

Help the student in your life backpack in style. This hipster-chic bag comes with a built-in padded laptop pocket, so there’s no need for a bulky computer sleeve. The padded straps make it easy to carry this backpack around all day, and it’s large enough to fit everything from textbooks to jackets to lunch bags. Even if your stylish student is doing virtual learning this year, this back will be sure to come in handy for the morning commute to the kitchen.

For the sports star:

This cookbook is jammed packed with nutritious, flavorful recipes from four-time Olympian Shalene Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky designed to help athletes eat healthy without any fad diet or gimmicks. Some of the most famous recipes from this book include High-Altitude Bison Meatballs, Arugula Cashew Pesto, and Double Chocolate Teff Cookies.

For the home cook:

There’s something about matching cookware that makes every dish taste extra delicious. This 12-piece, nonstick set from Rachael Ray comes in a variety of colors, so the chef extraordinaire on your list can create a culinary masterpiece using pots and pans in their favorite hue.

For the gamer:

While the obvious choice for the video game virtuoso is a new console or game, go old school this year and get them a real, physical board game. This new game is described as being like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book (remember those?) combined with Dungeons and Dragons. Gameplay lasts an estimated 60-120 minutes and can be played over and over again, ensuring tons of fun for your gamer.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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