Kindred Crystal

By Ava Adames

I believe that everyone has a kindred crystal. A crystal that is sort of like your companion. It is a spirited connection with a natural resource that speaks to your heart. 

Your kindred crystal is simple to discover and when you do, you will discover the greatest parts of you.

In general, a kindred spirit is someone or, as in this case, something that you have a connection with. Similarities may run deep within both of you to include beliefs and values. It can even be considered a soul’s mate!

You can utilize your kindred crystal when times are tough as a reminder of  your beautiful and magical qualities.

Here’s how to find your kindred crystal

Start by determining your personal core values and connect them to your character traits. 

Try these 4 easy steps to help you connect to yourself :

  1. Write down a list of four personal core values. They can be your desired characteristics like honesty, loyalty, open mindedness, compassion, etc.
  2. Then connect them to where and when you might activate these values. For instance, honesty/loyalty may be activated in your work ethic, or just in being an honest or loyal person.
  3. Take your written thoughts into a crystal shop and browse through the many stones. Most crystal shops will have information about the stones and their attributes. Find a stone, keeping your top values and characteristics in mind, and purchase one or two. It doesn’t matter if you immediately connect to what the crystal or stone looks like.
    Don’t have a crystal shop near you, or do you prefer to shop online? You can still use the same methods by reading through the online descriptions of the stones. However to narrow down the wide selection you may want to use the stones color characteristics and patterns, as presented below.

    Color characteristics:
  • Red – Security/Vitality
  • Yellow – Courage/Confidence
  • Blue – Serenity/Calm
  • Violet – Enlightenment/Higher Consciousness
  • Metallic – Tranquility/Memory
  • Black- Protection
  • Orange – Happiness/Creativity
  • Green – Gratitude/Growth
  • Indigo – Insight/Purpose
  • Pink – Love/Compassion
  • Brown – Stability
  • White – Calm
  1. Take the stone(s) home and place them on your windowsill or anywhere in your personal space. Spend some time connecting with them by gazing at them a few minutes a day as a reflection of your personal values.

Over time, your crystal companion will feel like a kindred part of you.

Edited by the GNL Editorial Staff