A Conversation with TLC’s Mama Medium

A Conversation with TLC’s Mama Medium


Meet TLC’S Psychic Medium Jennie Marie who will share what it means to be a medium. She will explain how a psychic medium has the ability to talk and communicate with the dead.



    What you will learn: 

    • What is an empathic medium?
    • What does it mean to be intuitive?
    • Are we all intuitive?

    Have you ever thought about what it implies to be a psychic medium? Do you feel enticed by the supernatural world? Do you long to connect with loved ones who have left this temporary world? If any of these is the talk of your heart, we’ve got your back! 

    Step right up, folks! You won’t want to miss GNL’s ‘A Conversation with TLC’s Mama Medium.’

    Get ready to encounter the ultimate power of a true empathetic medium and witness firsthand the extraordinary capabilities of psychic medium Jennie Marie. 

    She will delve into the alluring world of mediumship and offer insights into the powers that make her one of the most notable and relied-upon mediums around the world. 

    What is an Empathic Medium?

    An empathetic medium like Jennie Marie has the special power to sense the energy of those who have departed. This indicates that she can connect with the other world and deliver messages of consolation, love, and healing to those who require the most. 

    What Does It Mean to Be Intuitive?

    Being intuitive is all about syncing with your inner voice and counting your gut instincts. For a psychic medium like Jennie Marie, instinct holds a crucial role in her ability to link with the spirit world. By tapping into her reflexive abilities, she is capable of receiving messages from the other side and delivering them with surprising accuracy and compassion to the people here.

    Are We All Intuitive?

    Yes, everyone can tap into their instinctive abilities!

    Whether you want to connect with that world or want to tune into your internal guidance, evolving your intuition can be a potent tool for personal development and healing. Jennie will help you reveal your individual intuitive abilities and how you can employ those to get the most out of them. 

    Get your video today & be ready for a journey beyond the veil with Mama Medium!


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