Astrology & Love

Astrological Love & Romance Workshop


Millennial Astrologist Olivia Hope Talbott will explain how astrology and star-crossed love is a re-think of the traditional side of love and how you can use astrology to learn to speak and how to understand your partner’s love language. She will talk about the relationship between the planets and your astrology houses to love, romance, marriage, and intimacy.
If you need your love life to be better, consider your love language, the primary way you express and understand affection will be taught throughout this workshop.



    What you will learn: 
    • How planets (Venus, Mars, Moon, Mercury & more) rule love, romance, and connection
    • The Astrological houses that rule courtship, romance, marriage, sex, intimacy, & more
    • Understanding synastry charts (how the chart of you and your partner relate to one another) and composite charts (the chart of a couple collectively)

    Get ready for an exquisite video full of surprises, wisdom, and romance as GNL brings you the Astrological Love & Romance Workshop! 

    Led by a prominent Millennial Astrologist, Olivia Hope Talbott, this workshop will delve into the secrets of zodiac signs, debunking myths, and deep insights to uplift your love affinities and inspire your romantic pursuits. We welcome you to investigate the cosmic powers that influence your relationships and explore how to leverage them for more connectivity and intimacy in your love life. 

    What To Expect? 

    The event covers various topics surrounding numerology, star sign readings, and compatibility testing. Overall, here’s what you can expect in this GNL Workshop video:

    • Individual birth chart readings 
    • Detailed analysis on zodiacs compatibility of partners 
    • Experts advise on astrology charts interpretation
    • Insightful talk on numerology 

    How do planets rule love, romance & connection?

    From the attractive charm of Venus to the dynamic powers of Mars, each planet carries a unique influence over our romantic lives. Olivia will take you on an exhilarating journey to explore the planetary forces that make or break our romantic connections. 

    The Astrological houses that rule courtship, romance, marriage, sex, intimacy & more!

    The astrological houses are the celestial arenas where our love lives happen! 

    GNL Astrological Love & Romance Workshop Host Olivia will guide you through all 12 houses, demonstrating how each plays a different role in our romantic fate. 

    Understanding Synastry & Composite charts

    The synastry chart is the heart of astrology. This depicts how two person’s celestial energies and auras interact. This GNL Workshop will help you understand the science behind the process. Also, the composite chart analysis (that merges the energies of 2 persons in 1 common chart) will reveal the dynamics of your connection with your loved one. 

    This event promises a mystical journey through deep self-finding to ignite deeper bonds with those we love. 


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