Learn How To Decorate Your Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookie Decorating


Learn how to decorate your Christmas cookies in an easy and fun way. Kaitlin Decker, owner of Decker Ate a Cookie, will teach you all the tips and tricks of decorating Christmas sugar cookies with Royal Icing and all the trimmings! Here are the holiday shapes you will be learning how to decorate: Christmas gift, Christmas tree, Santa hat, Christmas snow globe, and a Gingerbread mug. 

Decorating skills will be geared toward all skill levels and ages. Fun event to do with family, friends and children throughout the holiday season.


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    What you will learn:

    • How to work with Royal Icing 
    • How to manipulate the decorations
    • Secret tips and tricks for cookie decorating

    Cost: $9.99

    Broaden Your Cookie Ideation with GNL’s Christmas Cookie Decorating Video! 

    Indulge in a festive and delectable experience with GNL’s Christmas Cookie Decorating Video Tutorial, as it will open the secrets of making beautifully adorned Christmas cookies that are certain to impress your loved ones. Led by the talented Kaitlin Decker, owner of the well-known Decker Ate a Cookie, this tutorial ensures to ignite your creativity and reload your holiday season with ultimate joy. 

    How to Work With Royal Icing? 

    You will swoop into the art of embellishing Christmas sugar cookies using the exquisite Royal Icing Technique. Kaitlin will guide you through each step, assuring that you clutch the essentials and develop all the skills to convert simple plain cookies into edible chef-d’oeuvre! The smooth and glossy texture is the key to Icing & our expert guidance will make you a pro at this in a single encounter! 

    You’ll learn about the following:

    • The best piping bags, holes, and icing consistencies 
    • How to add colors & flavors to the icing to bring holiday-themed creation to life
    • How to create intricate designs and textures on cookies

    How to Manipulate the Decorations?

    Learn how to handle and manipulate diverse edible decorations, from gleaming sprinkles to thin fondant accents. Time to get imaginative with various textures and finishes, combining a variety of toppings to uplift your cookie designs. In this video, Kaitlin will help you uncover the best practices to adhere decorations to your cookies, ensuring they stay as it is while having that extra visual appeal.

    Personalize your cookies with unique designs and patterns that reflect your own holiday spirit! 

    Do not miss this incredible chance to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Christmas cookie decorating! Buy your GNL Christmas Cookie Decorating Video now & get ready to create scrumptious mini treats that will spread holiday cheer and delight that everyone feels lucky enough to indulge in!


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