Learn How To Make Classic American Cheeseburger At Home

Classic American Cheeseburger


Classic American Cheeseburger perfect for any summer BBQ. This fantastic recipe for home-cooked burgers is brought to you by the ‘Burger Queen of Cincinnati’, Chef Kayla Robison.

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    What you will learn: 

    • Restaurant tips to do at home to elevate the Classic American Cheeseburger.
    • Learn the best blend of meat for the juiciest burger.
    • Importance of proper seasoning.

    Ready to dunk your teeth into the juiciest and most delicious Classic American Cheeseburger you’ve ever tasted? We have the secret!

    Buy this video to indulge in the ultimate beauty of cheeseburger with a recipe brought to you by the Burger Queen of Cincinnati herself – Chef Kayla Robison. This delectable treat is perfect for any summer BBQ party or even for late-night family cravings. 

    Restaurant Tips to Do at Home to Elevate the Classic American Cheeseburger

    With Kayla’s own tips and tricks, you’ll be able to season your homemade burgers to 5-star restaurant quality perfection. She’ll be focusing on: 

    • How to perfectly toast your buns
    • How to prevent your buns from sogginess 
    • What toppings go well with the cheeseburger 
    • What’s the best time to add toppings 
    • How to make the perfectly seasoned and cooked patty 
    • How to melt the cheese just right!

    Learn the Best Blend of Meat for the Juiciest Burger

    The meat patty is the heart of any burger, and getting its flavor and texture right is the real task

    Chef Kayla will explain variations of meat you can use in your burger, followed by her own custom-made meat composition to get that perfect juiciness. 

    (Your mouth already watered just by thinking about it, RIGHT?)

    Importance of Proper Seasoning

    You must never misjudge the power of a perfectly flavoured burger meat patty! 

    Sometimes this is what makes or breaks your food experience. Chef Kayla’s go-to seasoning blend for her classic American cheeseburger includes a variety of surprising ingredients that she will be revealing here too. The magic doesn’t stop here! There will be a special sauce on the side, introducing your palate to a wholesome burst of tastes and aromas. 

    Fire up your grill, gather your loved ones, and get ready to impress them all with your cooking skills – You’ll be the star of the day!


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