Create a Brookie Marshmallow Sandwich Treat


Cheyanne Forgatch of The Artisan Marshmallow Co. will teach you how to make a one of a kind Brookie Marshmallow Sandwich Treat. A Brookie is the perfect combination of brownie and cookie. Learn how to elevate this delicious dessert with Cheyanne’s sweet marshmallow twist.

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    Learn about How create a Brookie Marshmallow Sandwich Treat

    • Make Brookies
    • Cutting the brownie/cookie
    • Cutting the marshmallows
    • Assembling the sandwiches

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    Join us for a scrumptious culinary experience with GNL’s exclusive on-demand video!

    Get ready to entice your taste buds as Cheyanne Forgatc, the expert creator behind The Artisan Marshmallow Co., directs you through the process of making a truly amazing dessert experience. It is a marvelous opportunity to elevate the classic brownie & cookie combo to new heights with a delightful marshmallow twist.

    Make Brookies! 

    This video will help you learn the secrets to gaining a pleasant balance of rich, fudgy brownies and chewy cookie textures. Cheyanne will communicate her expert tried-and-tested tips and tricks to achieve bakery-quality results every time. 

    Unveil the art of making the perfect Brookie, a flavorful fusion of brownie and cookie!

    Cutting The Brownie/Cookie 

    Even cutting is a total art when making the perfect brookies. Cheyanne will help you learn all the tricks to get those perfect edges with that cracky top that everyone craves. With her guidance, you will achieve bakery-worthy goodness that will leave everyone in awe. Also, she will be demonstrating professional presentation ideas to make your culinary game even stronger.

    Cutting the Marshmallows

    Cheyanne’s video tutorial will exalt your Brookie with a delicious marshmallow layer. Learn how to cut the fluffy marshmallow into the perfect size, adding a fun twist to your Brookie sandwich treats. She will be explaining the ideal thickness for this surprise layer in your dessert, hitting the right balance between gooey excellence & structural integrity. 

    Assembling The Sandwiches

    It’s time to bring all the elements together and assemble your tantalizing Brookie Marshmallow Sandwich! Learn how to layer the elements strategically to ensure a flowing blend of flavors & textures in every bite. 

    Watch as Cheyanne displays the art of sandwiching the brownie, cookie, and marshmallow layers to make a visually dazzling and delectable dessert that will have everyone craving more! 

    Buy your GNL video today & be prepared to make a dessert masterpiece that will impress and please even the most discerning sweet tooths.


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