Create an eBook to Make Money Online


Tisha Hodge, owner of Boss Tools Studio, will show you how to create an eBook using Canva. Tisha will also recommend various platforms to sell your eBooks.



    What you will learn: 

    • What is an eBook.
    • How to design an eBook in Canva.
    • How to use the eBook to make extra income.

    Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, a content creator, or a business owner, GNL brings you the video of none other than Tisha Hodge, owner of Boss Tools Studio, to create an eBook that will leave your audience surprised.

    Tisha will walk you through the process of creating stunning eBooks using the incredibly user-friendly Canva platform. Her step-by-step tutorials will make you feel like a pro in no time, unleashing your creativity and transforming your imagination into beautifully designed eBooks that will captivate your readers.

    What is an Ebook?

    An eBook, well sometimes known as an electronic book, is a digital publication that may be read on computers, tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. Days with heavy printed books are over; today’s eBooks provide a whole new level of accessibility, convenience, and engagement.

    With Canva’s remarkable design tools and Tisha’s expert advice, you will have the power to share your knowledge and make an impact in the world of digital publishing.

    How to Design an Ebook in Canva?

    Her insider tips and tricks will help you make your eBook stand out from the crowd from the very first page. You will discover how to pick the ideal template, customize it to better reflect your personal taste, add eye-catching photos, and produce a seamless reading experience. 

    Guess what? You will get your way to optimize your eBook for various devices and formats, ensure the text is legible, and double-check for any errors or inconsistencies.

    How to Use the Ebook to Make Extra Income?

    Tisha will go above and beyond by sharing her invaluable insights on various platforms where you can sell your eBooks. 

    From established marketplaces to emerging digital storefronts, she will provide you with a comprehensive list of options to maximize your reach and profitability. 

    With Tisha’s guidance, you will not only create amazing eBooks but also get on a path toward monetizing your creations and turning your passion into a thriving business. Buy the video and make your skills your source to earn money!


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