How Crystal Energy With The Moon Can Benefit & Shape Your Life

Crystal Energy and the Moon


Ava Adames, will show you how to create a practical routine within the moon’s lunar cycle and how crystal energy with the moon can benefit and shape your life.



    What you will learn: 

    • How to create a routine within the moon’s phases.
    • How crystal energy and lunar phases work together.
    • How to surrender and let go of things you can not control for natural abundance.

    Are you curious about how to harness the power of the moon and crystals to alter your life for good? 

    We have the answer to your inquisitiveness in GNL’s ‘Crystal Energy and the Moon’. Led by the most eminent spiritual trainer and crystal healer, Ava Adames, this video is devised to help you understand in detail how to use the lunar cycle and crystal energy to create a routine that will benefit and profit your life. 

    How to Create a Routine Within the Moon’s Phases?

    Ava will walk you through the complete process of developing a training routine that resonates with the lunar phases. By aligning your actions with the natural rhythms of the moon, you will:

    • Uplift your overall productivity and creativity 
    • Learn how to adjust your actions with the moon cycle 
    • Learn how to tailor your ritual to your needs & goals for maximum results

    How Crystal Energy and Lunar Phases Work Together

    Ava will also help you learn about the influence of crystal energy and how it can improve your affinity to the moon. Crystals have been used for 100s of years to encourage healing, balance, and spiritual development. When used in convergence with the lunar cycle, their impacts can be even deeper.

    Ava will lead you on how to select suitable crystals for each phase of the moon and how to use them to intensify your purposes and manifestations. 

    How to Surrender and Let Go of Things You Can Not Control for Natural Abundance?

    Eventually, Ava will guide you through a decisive meditation and visualization routine created to help you surrender and let go of all those things holding you back. By dismissing your attachment to consequences and welcoming the natural abundance of the universe, you can open yourself up to new perspectives and opportunities. 

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