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Estate Planning 101


Estate Planning 101 with Fran Harwell and Teresa Johnson, representatives from LegalShield, will give an overview of the importance of estate planning. Estate planning is a vital part of preparing for your family’s financial future. Learn how to protect your assets and make smart decisions about your family’s money.



    What you will learn with GNL

    • Trusts
    • Types of Wills
    • Health Power of Attorney
    • Financial Power of Attorney
    • Protecting Assets

    When it comes to estate planning, many people find themselves overwhelmed by the process. Well, it doesn’t have to be that intimidating at all! 

    GNL Estate Planning 101 is here to help you deeply understand the foundation and strategies for putting up a plan for your future. Whether you are simply starting the venture or require assistance examining your existing layout, this informative video will deliver precise and accurate details about estate planning so that you can make knowledgeable decisions about your monetary future. 

    Learn How To Plan Well & Transform Your Legacy with GNL Estate Planning! 

    Our experts –  Fran Harwell & Teresa Johnson, representatives from LegalShield, will guide you through all the ins and outs of estate planning in a straightforward and easily digestible yet professional way. It’s never too early to plan ahead!

    So what are you waiting for? Buy now! 

    Focus Topics

    Estate Planning 101 will be covering a multitude of topics. A few major ones are:

    • Understanding Trusts
    • Types of Wills
    • Health Power of Attorney
    • Financial Power of Attorney
    • Protecting Assets
    • Tax Implications & Much More! 

    Also, you’ll walk away with actionable tips on: 

    • Building a transparent financial path for yourself 
    • Maximizing what is passed down to your loved ones – while minimizing taxes!
    • Making a stronger financial foundation for the next generations
    • Accurately setting up wills and trusts to avoid future problems
    • Alleviating litigation risks regarding inheritances or custody 

    A business owner or anyone yearning to learn basics, we have everyone covered! 

    Buying this GNL Estate Planning 101 video will make you better-equipped to shield your and your family’s financial destiny. Don’t skip this great opportunity to learn from renowned legal experts.


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