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Holiday Cooking Class


Join us for this exclusive holiday cooking class! Madalaine McDaniel of Lakeside Table will be sharing exclusive recipes, found only at this event. Madalaine has also created for you the entire shopping list for this cooking class and will be cooking each unique recipe as well as showing you the finished product. This holiday cooking class can be utilized for any holiday dinner throughout the year.

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    What you will receive:

    • Workshop guide from store to table
    • Decorating tips and photos
    • Recipes of the class

    Welcome to GNl’s Virtual Holiday Cooking Class – Get ready to encounter a culinary experience like no other! 

    Join us for an exclusive video where you will learn the true craftwork of holiday cooking from the talented Madalaine McDaniel – the famous chef from Lakeside Table. It is your time to prepare yourself to pamper with a comforting array of exclusive recipes that you won’t find elsewhere. 

    With Madalaine’s expert guidance, you’ll fully master the skill of making delectable dishes that are sure to impress your family & friends. 

    From Store to Table

    Embark on a short yet detailed journey from the grocery store to your dining table as Madalaine takes you through the entire process. With her detailed video guide, you’ll know the secrets behind successful meal planning & grocery haul. 

    • Learn how to select the freshest ingredients 
    • Learn how to choose quality products & essential pantry items 
    • Methods for proper food handling
    • Time-saving cooking techniques
    • Knife Skills, Storing Skills, etc.

    Decorating Tips & Photos

    Impress your guests with an eye-catching décor & make endless memories on a table that truly mirrors your style! 

    A memorable holiday meal isn’t just about the food; it’s also about the feel! Creating a tempting ambiance for your guests is important. In this video, Madalaine will reveal her expert decorating tips to help you change your casual dining space into a festive haven!

    Recipes of the Class

    Sample the scrumptious creations & savor the fruits of your labor! 

    Prepare your palate for an unforgettable culinary ride as Madalaine has curated a compilation of her exclusive recipes, especially for this virtual video class. Each recipe is a masterpiece, prepared with thorough attention to flavor, texture, and presentation. 

    Join us for an extraordinary cooking adventure where you will gain valuable skills, learn new recipes, and ignite a new fondness for cooking. 

    Buy video today & embark on a gastronomic expedition that will boost your holiday festivities to further heights!


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