Hot Chocolate Bombs Filled with Mini Conchitas


The Conchas Queen (Diana Ayala) is going to teach you how to make quick and easy hot chocolate bombs filled with mini conchitas. The Conchas Queen will then show you the tips & tricks to put together the hot chocolate spheres filled with the mini conchitas. This is a fun treat for kids and adults and is perfect for parties and celebrations. Everyone will enjoy a surprise as the hot chocolate bombs melt and the mini conchitas and treats pop out!

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    What will you learn: 

    • How to make hot chocolate bombs and mini conchitas
    • Tips & tricks for making these treats
    • What tools you will need to assemble the hot chocolate bombs and mini conchitas

    Venture on a sensational journey into the realm of sweet sensations! 

    Indulge in a satisfying experience as GNL presents a video tutorial, ‘Hot Chocolate Bombs Filled with Mini Conchitas’, led by the esteemed Conchas Queen – Diana Ayala. Immerse yourself in a world of taste as you unveil the secrets behind creating these easy hot chocolate bombs filled with delectable mini conchitas. This one-of-a-kind tutorial vows to be a total treat for kids and adults alike, making it an excellent addition to your events and celebrations. 

    How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs and Mini Conchitas?

    Brace yourself for a captivating surprise as the hot chocolate bombs melt, exposing a lovely burst of mini conchitas!

    In this captivating video tutorial, Diana will guide you through the step-by-step process of preparing your very own chocolate bombs. With her expert guidance and insider tips, you’ll master the art of constructing these beautiful orbs filled with mini conchitas. Plus, to make the most out of the session, she will be revealing her secret tips & tricks as well in the video. 

    Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn! 

    Preparing the chocolate shell

    • Melting of chocolate to perfection to achieve a smooth, lustrous & velvety texture
    • Making perfectly shaped chocolate balls 

    Filling with mini conchitas

    • Making the best mini conchitas to elevate the taste & texture of the desert 
    • Placing them strategically inside the chocolate shells so that they don’t break justifies what’s expected – the surprise element! 


    • Seamlessly assembling the whole thing to make the expected round shape
    • Ensuring a secure seal to prevent any inside surprises to reveal too soon! 

    So why wait? Buy our video tutorial & get ready to embark on a flavor-filled adventure like no other!


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