Learn the 3 Mrs. (Traits) That Can Challenge Your Marriage!


Lakia Brandenburg, founder and owner of The Wife Coach, will share with you 3 key traits that as a wife, can make being married challenging. With her amazing sense of humor, she helps you look inward and change the things you don’t like.



    What you will learn: 

    • Learn the 3 traits that can challenge any marriage.
    • How to rework these traits.
    • How to have the marriage you want.

    Are you struggling in your wedlock? Do you sense some traits are provoking stress in your relationship? GNL’s Learn the 3 Mrs. (Traits) That Can Challenge Your Marriage is the answer to all your concerns! 

    Re-Write Your Marriage With Us!

    Led by an experienced relationship expert and marriage counselor – Lakia Brandenburg, founder & owner of The Wife Coach, this video will help you navigate your love life. Brandenburg will introduce you to the much-needed tips & tools to pinpoint and overcome the attributes. Through interactive sessions and expert guidance, participants will get practically applicable wisdom to intensify their relationships with their spouses for a better future together.

    What To Expect? 

    Do you want to have a more satisfactory connection with your partner? If so, you are at the right place. Here are a few expected takeaways from this assertive video.

    • Learn 3 key (she) traits that challenge the marriage.
    • Tips to identify these traits in yourself and your partner.
    • Discover why these attributes always go unrecognized.
    • Strategies for overcoming these struggling traits in marriage.

    Discover Which of the Following Are Traits of Marriage?

    Learn the 3 Traits That Can Challenge Any Marriage & Know How to Rework These Traits!

    Acquire an in-depth understanding of marriage and its challenges as here, you will learn 3 traits (at the female’s end) that can put your wedlock at risk. Not merely that! Through detailed exercises, insights, and role play by the respected relationship coach, you’ll gain clarity about what things need to be changed for the better.

    This video is designed to help couples comprehend three common traits that can develop struggles in their loving relationship – something that any app or book can’t surely promise. But we can!

    Know How to Have the Marriage You Want?

    Uncover how to take back control over strain within your matrimonial relationship or connect deeper with what makes it special. Use our expert’s provided knowledge to break down any walls between you and your other half. Don’t wait any longer. Start rebuilding your marriage today with us.

    Make your marital dreams come true!


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