Pumpkin Conchas

Pumpkin Shaped Conchas


The Conchas Queen is back by popular demand! Learn how to make the most “deliciosas” pumpkin shaped conchas. Diana Ayala, owner of Dayala Treats, is one of the most popular bakers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Bake along and learn 2 different ways to shape the dough into pumpkins and how you can get creative by coloring the dough and decorating them. 

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    What will you learn: 

    • How to bake conchas
    • How to shape the dough into pumpkins
    • How to color and decorate your pumpkin conchas

    Diana’s Upcoming Workshops: 

    Calling all concha lovers and baking enthusiasts! 

    Conchas Queen herself, Diana Ayala, will be here to grace your screens once again in GNL’s latest video. By popular demand, she is back to reveal the secrets behind creating the most “delicious” pumpkin-shaped conchas that will leave you enjoying your baking once again.

    Her delightful creations and unrivaled passion for baking have earned her a loyal following, and now, she will share her years of expertise with you! 

    How to Bake Conchas?

    From classic vanilla and chocolate to unexpected twists like pumpkin spice or tangy citrus, the possibilities are endless for you!

    Diana will take you on a mesmerizing journey where you will learn not just one but two incredible ways to shape the dough into adorable pumpkin conchas. You will be amazed at the versatility and creativity that goes into these festive treats. Think about the smiles on your loved ones’ faces when they see your pumpkin-shaped conchas emerge from the oven!

    Her instructions will elevate the baking process, empowering you to recreate these masterpieces in the comfort of your own kitchen!

    You won’t be able to resist sinking your teeth into these scrumptious creations – golden-brown pastries delicately dusted with sugar and adorned with intricate pumpkin designs that are almost too beautiful to eat. It is not just a dish on your menu but an immersive experience that will transport you to a world of creativity, flavor, and culinary artistry.

    With Diana as your guide, you will discover the artistry and finesse required to achieve that perfect concha texture — a heavenly combination of softness, fluffiness, and a slightly crunchy crust. 

    How to Shape the Dough Into Pumpkins?

    Experience the satisfaction of creating edible works of art!

    From perfectly round bodies to carefully defined grooves, you will learn to mold your dough with just a few simple twists and turns into whimsical pumpkins that are as visually stunning as they are delicious and are bound to steal the show at any gathering or event. Diana’s attention to detail and pro tips will ensure that your pumpkins look like they were created by a professional baker.

    How to Color and Decorate Your Pumpkin Conchas

    Imagine biting into a warm, soft pumpkin concha with a burst of vibrant colors adorned with delightful decorations that make it look like a fantasy dish! 

    From intricate designs to sugar sprinkles, there is no limit to the artistic flair you can infuse into each and every concha.

    In her exclusive video tutorial, Diana will reveal her expert tips for coloring and decorating pumpkin conchas as you have never seen before. She will show you how to play with the warm and inviting hues of autumn and use different tints of orange, and even add a touch of yellow to create a realistic pumpkin color that will leave everyone amazed!

    She doesn’t stop at shaping and coloring in this magical baking journey. She has got a treasure trove of decorating ideas waiting to be shared. Let your imagination run wild as you learn various techniques to add that extra special touch to your conchas.



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