Saturn Retrograde – What to expect!

Saturn Retrograde – What to expect!


What is Saturn Retrograde? Brilla Samay, GNL Ambassador and noted astrologer will teach you the ways that Saturn retrograde will impact you, as well as what you can work on and how you can move forward during this time.



    What you will learn: 

    • What is Saturn retrograde?
    • How Saturn retrograde will impact you.
    • What you need to work on during this time.

    Are you feeling stuck at a place in your life? All muddled and overwhelmed by the struggle you’ve been going through?

    Possibly it’s not merely the topsy-turvy world around you but rather the Saturn Retrograde in your astrological sign. Fret not because GNL is here to direct you through this celestial transition and assist you to ideally steer the powers of Saturn Retrograde. 

    In our Saturn-Retrograde video, the well-known astrologer and also the GNL Ambassador – Brilla Samay, will feed insights into how to make the most of this time of cosmic shift. She will explain the hidden meaning behind it. Also, she will highlight how the whole scenario influences various aspects of your life, such as your job, love, relationships, and personal development. 

    Our on-demand video will broadly cover the following! 

    • Insightful Astrological Readings 
    • Exploration of Practical Tools for Self-Discovery 
    • Learning Actionable Strategies for Success

    What is Saturn Retrograde?

    Saturn Retrograde is basically the time when planet Saturn appears to be proceeding backwards in the sky. Renowned Astrologers believe that this celestial phase can pose challenges and hindrances to your way forward but also offer possibilities for growth and self-contemplation. 

    How Saturn Retrograde Will Impact You?

    During Saturn Retrograde, you can sense a kind of limitation or restraint in certain parts of your life. This can be manifested as waits or setbacks or as a feeling of being stagnant in an undesired place. Besides negative aspects, this period can also be a span of deep self-reflection and internal work. Brilla will explain both sides of the event and will teach you how to play fair at both ends. 

    What You Need to Work on During This Time

    Brilla will pave your path to life through her exceptional wisdom in the field. Through her personally designed exercises and practices, she will help you identify the areas that need extra attention and strategies to keep moving forward. 

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