Set a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table


Join us to learn how to set a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table. This workshop will be led by Annemarie Shumacher, co-founder of Make Every Day an Event

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    What you will learn: 

    • How to set a gorgeous Thanksgiving table
    • How to set a budget friendly table
    • How to set a fun & friendly kids table

    Join us for an exquisite journey into the art of setting a lovely Thanksgiving table with GNL’s immersive video tutorial!

    The entire video features none other than Annemarie Shumacher, the venerable co-founder of Make Every Day An Event! Be ready to be enchanted as Annemarie shares her expertise, revealing the secrets to building a truly fascinating Thanksgiving table setting. 

    How to Set a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table? 

    Unleash the power of design, ideation, and attention to detail in altering your dining experience into a feast for all the senses! 

    In this segment of the video, our expert will carry you through the step-by-step exploration of Setting a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table. Be prepared to be motivated as she unveils her own favorite tips & techniques to create a visually fetching and cohesive table decor.

    Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect in the video; 

    • Color Palette Mastery
    • Linens & Layers 
    • Captivating Centerpieces 
    • Tableware Elegance 

    How to Set a Budget-Friendly Table? 

    With Thanksgiving festivities often accompanied by a long list of expenses, Annemarie helps you in setting a beautiful table without breaking the bank. 

    Unlock the secrets of cost-effective elegance in this video, including: 

    • Thrifty Table Decor
    • DIY Delights 
    • Savvy Shopping Tips 

    How to Set a Fun & Friendly Kids Table? 

    Thanksgiving is a time for family & that includes the little ones too! Annemarie remembers the significance of creating an amusing and engaging kid’s table that keeps the young ones delighted while maintaining the grace of the occasion. She’ll impart her wisdom on setting a Fun & Friendly Kids’ Table with:

    • Creative Themes
    • Playful Place Setting
    • Wholesome Menus 

    Illuminate your path to an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration! Whether you aspire to create a visually ravishing masterpiece or want to include some elements for kiddos, this video promises to empower you with all the wisdom, inspiration & ideas!


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