True Crime Stories


Join us for this tantalizing workshop where Crystal Corl, criminologist, psychic  medium and podcast host, will share her stories of investigating and helping law enforcement to solve crimes. Throughout this workshop, criminologist and psychic medium Crystal Corl will explain the criminal investigation process and the role of mediums in solving crimes. Crystal Corl is also the creator and host of True Crime Podcast, The Visitation.



    What you will learn: 

    • Criminology- What is a Criminologist
    • What is Mediumship
    • How Crystal’s Mediumship helps to investigate and solve  cases
    • Learn how law enforcement works cold cases
    • Learn about DNA, laws, and more

    Cost: $9.99

    Discover the fascinating realm of crime quests with GNL’s True Crime Stories Video led by the remarkable Crystal Corl! 

    As a criminologist, psychic medium & host of the popular True Crime Podcast, The Visitation – Crystal Coral owns unique expertise that reveals the hidden aspects of criminal investigations. Join us for this thrilling video where Crystal delves into her rousing adventures, aiding law enforcement in solving crimes and placing the light on the mysterious world of mediums. 

    Criminology – What is a Criminologist? 

    This video lets you discover the core ideas, theories, and methodologies used by criminologists to study criminal behavior and contribute to decoding complex subjects. You will also gain insights into the vital part criminologists play in comprehending the reasons, habits, and psychology behind criminal activities. 

    What is Mediumship? How Does Crystal’s Mediumship Help to Investigate & Solve Cases?

    Explore the remarkable ways in which Crystal Corl’s link with the spirit world has assisted law enforcement agencies in recognizing suspects, locating misplaced individuals, and cracking complex mysteries! 

    Also, Crystal will be revealing the enigmas of communing with the departed and attaining valuable insights from the other side, allowing a more profound understanding of crime scenes & the entities involved. You will also learn how membership can provide unique viewpoints and lead to breakthroughs in criminal analyses. 

    Unravel the enigmatic ropes of the criminal minds! 

    Learn How Law Enforcement Works Cold Cases? 

    This video will help you learn the intricacies of cold case studies and the methods employed to blow new life into dormant cases. Discover the detailed method of inspecting evidence, re-interviewing spectators, and using state-of-the-art forensic technologies to fetch justice for long-forgotten crimes. You will also learn about DNA, laws & much more like this! 

    Don’t miss this rare chance to learn from one of the most unique voices in the field of true crime.


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