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Wall Stamping 101


Laurie Steinfeld, founder & owner of The Original Wall Stamp will present and demonstrate a variety of stamps and how you can use them on not just walls but on many other surfaces and even fabric!

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    What you will learn: 

    • The Benefits of a Wall Stamp vs wallpaper & stencils.
    • How/where/why to use The Wall Stamp.
    • Stamping more than walls…Stamping floors, furniture, fabric!

    Are you ready to discover a world of creative possibilities? Get ready to be amazed by the original wall stamp!

    Today, GNL is thrilled to introduce you to Laurie Steinfeld, the talented founder, and owner of The Original Wall Stamp. She is a pro artist when it comes to stamping and has an incredible range of stamps that can be used on a variety of surfaces, from walls to fabric and beyond. We can’t wait for you to see the amazing designs that Laurie has for you! She will share tips and tricks for creating stunning stamped creations.

    And the best part? You don’t need any prior experience. Whether you are a seasoned DIY-er or a complete beginner, you will have a blast learning and creating with The Original Wall Stamp GNL video.

    The Benefits of a Wall Stamp Vs. Wallpaper & Stencils

    Participants can expect to experience a range of benefits when using a wall stamp over traditional wallpaper and stencils. A few of them are here:

    • Quick and easy to use
    • No artistic talent required
    • Endless customization options
    • It can be used on various surfaces
    • More affordable than traditional wallpaper and stencils

    How/where/why to Use the Wall Stamp

    Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to make a bold statement with an accent wall or add subtle texture to an entire room!

    Time to turn your walls into a jaw-dropping masterpiece with the mind-blowing wall stamp trick. Load the stamp with your favorite paint, press it against the wall, and watch the magic unfold as intricate patterns and designs come to life. Twist and reposition the stamp for a stunning, multi-dimensional effect.

    Wall stamps can be used in a variety of spaces to add a touch of creativity and style. They work wonders in living rooms, transforming plain walls into eye-catching focal points. Even hallways and entryways can be brought to life with intricate patterns. But walls are just the beginning!

    If you want to learn more about wall stamping art, buy our on-demand video and be the one to master it!

    Stamping More Than Walls…stamping Floors, Furniture, Fabric!

    Why limit yourself to just walls and furniture? The Original Wall Stamp can be used on fabric as well! 

    Stamp a fun design onto a pillow or curtains to give your space a personalized touch. You can transform a room in just a few hours with a few stamps and some paint with the right direction given to you by the best artist in our workplace. 

    Buy for a demonstration by Laurie Steinfeld herself and see the endless possibilities for yourself!


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