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Yoga Nidra to Relax


Live from India, Sabah Tahilramani will teach you the art of Yoga Nidra to put you into a state of deep relaxation.  Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of conscious relaxation to heal and soothe your nervous system. You will use your mind, your conscious intention, and focused awareness to connect with your body on a deeper level. Furthermore you will set a heartfelt intention or ‘sankalpa’ that sows seeds of transformation in your deeper mind during altered states of consciousness.



    What you will learn: 

    • What Yoga Nidra is
    • How to completely relax 
    • How to calm your nervous system

    Cost: $9.99

    Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of deep relaxation and inner peace? Prepare yourself to be transported to a state of complete tranquillity as we delve into the ancient art of Yoga Nidra through GNL’s thrilling on-demand video

    Imagine a state where all your worries, stress, and anxieties melt away, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

    It is a unique opportunity to tap into the deepest layers of your consciousness, allowing your body and mind to enter a state of profound stillness.

    What Yoga Nidra Is?

    Get ready to experience pure bliss as you venture on this incredible journey!

    Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of conscious relaxation that goes beyond your typical yoga practice. Nidra, derived from the Sanskrit word for “sleep,” takes you to a state between wakefulness and slumber. It is not only a relaxation technique but also a form of meditation, which allows you to explore and navigate the various layers of consciousness, including the subconscious and unconscious mind.

    Sabah Tahilramani will assist you in bringing awareness to various parts of the body, releasing the tension, and promoting a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility. Her video is a great opportunity to explore the art of Yoga Nidra.

    How to Completely Relax

    Begin by focusing your attention on different parts of your body, starting from your toes and gradually moving up to your head. As you shift your attention to each body part, consciously relax that area, releasing any tension or tightness you may feel. Imagine a wave of relaxation washing over each part of your body as you let go of any stress or discomfort.

    Awaken your inner light!

    Sabah Tahilramani will teach you some techniques to deepen your Yoga practice. She will guide you to explore specific intentions or affirmations during the practice to enhance its benefits

    How to Calm Your Nervous System

    One way to calm your nervous system through Yoga Nidra is by practicing deep relaxation techniques. Find a comfortable and quiet space where you can lie down on your back. Close your eyes and begin by taking a few deep breaths to settle your mind and body.

    Sabah Tahilramani can provide some pro tips to further calm your nervous system through Yoga Nidra. She may guide you from focusing on your breath to visualizing yourself in this calming environment; you can activate your senses and create a soothing mental experience that helps calm your nervous system. 

    Buy her video and uncover all the secrets of Yoga Nidra!


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