September marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. As the temperature gets cooler and the holidays grow nearer, our responsibilities seem to multiply, putting us in a race against the dwindling daylight. 

Many of us are just starting to feel that 9 to 5 pressure… which, if we’re being real, begins well before 9 and lasts long after 5. If August is the Sunday of the summer months, September is just 30 repeated Mondays. 

With that being said, it’s important to take time for yourself, because a calm and happy you is good for everyone, not just you. So next time you find an hour or two alone, use it to turn someplace in your house into an at home spa!

Before diving into our head-to-toe guide, remember to declutter the space(s) you will be using. Gemma Hartley notes, in an article for, that “Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have found that clutter does affect our ability to focus and be productive.” This same clutter can also become a distraction when you are trying to relax. 

So, set the mood for your spa with candles, soft music, or whatever you have available in your house. Let the spa time begin!

Head To Toe DIY Spa

Moving from head to toe, here are some authentic spa treatments that you can easily create and use at home with ingredients from your pantry.


  • Try creating and using one of these DIY Avocado Hair Masks. Avocado masks can be moisturizing, strengthening and conditioning for your hair and scalp.

  • Eggs are not just delicious for breakfast. They are “rich in protein and biotin. Eggs provide nourishment and texture to damaged tresses and prevent hair breakage by conditioning the scalp.” ( Here are five Egg-Based Masks for Your Hair that when used 2-3 times a week, will keep your hair in great shape. 

  • If you have never had a good scalp massage, now is the time to do so. While there are mechanical massagers available at the store, your fingers and fingernails can do the job just as well. Massage your scalp vigorously as you get ready to rinse off the hair mask, and both your hair and scalp will feel great.


Facial scrubs and masks were developed with two different purposes in mind. Scrubs remove dead skin cells, preparing the skin for treatment with anything from masks to creams. Masks create a film around your skin to help hydrate, moisturize, dry or exfoliate, depending on its ingredients and your skin’s needs (Penn Medicine).

  • Here are a couple of GNL’s favorite scrubs that you may like to try.

    • DIY Facial Scrub recipes – From oats to yogurt, these scrubs’ ingredients can make your facial skin look and feel fantastic.

    • DIY Turmeric & Honey Facial Scrub – From GNL presenter
                            ‘The Hippie Chemist’, here is a scrub made from ingredients
                            that you probably have in your pantry. Watch the whole
                            video for a DIY coffee scrub as well!   

  • After you exfoliate, try one of these DIY masks:

  • If you’re not a fan of masks, give yourself a Holistic Face Lift – GNL presenter Nga El demonstrates how to lift and sculpt the most stubborn areas of your face.


Gather all of your tools, nail polish remover, cuticle cream, lotions, potions, and polish, and give yourself a mani-pedi at home. It’s not hard to do unless, like this writer, the left hand is never as good at painting nails as the right. If this is the case for you too, stick with the pedicure. 

If you need some guidance, here are two useful videos for you:

Whole Body

  • Start running a steamy bath, to your comfort, while you exfoliate and rinse. Add a bath bomb, salts or oil of your choice and enjoy the soak. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and exhale, and let your whole body relax and release tension.

  • Exfoliate your body with a scrub and rinse off well in the shower. We recommend this DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe, but of course use whatever product you choose.

  • After you dry off, apply some soothing and hydrating body butter. GNL recommends the organic & vegan products from Natralee.

  • And, don’t forget about a “Vanicure (™)” from The Perfect V😉


Now that you have given your body the full spa treatment, let’s give your brain something with which to decompress. Meditate! 

If you meditate regularly, do so now. If you have never meditated try one of these apps — both are well used and loved by people around the world. They are InsightTimer & Calm.

By now you should be renewed and ready to greet whoever comes through your door first.

Remember to take care of you!!